New look 2B

Hi to you all!

You will see that we have rebranded as 2B for the new season.

The name change is because there were a few curly legal issues about the name 3B. Heading off any drama, we just lost a B – easy as!! This decision means we have time to go skiing and tramping instead of fussing over legal paperwork!

We have also made a slight tweak to the formula.  Why did we bother?  Well, whilst we loved 3B the way it was, we felt it would be even more awesome if we could make it without any DPG in.   We know some people prefer no alcohol in their body products, and we get that, we like simplicity ourselves!  So we engaged the massive brain of friendly chemist Grant McDonald and he came up with a few trial bottles using different types of Vanilla.  We gave them all a good testing in the field last summer before deciding on one, knowing that it was as good as ever in keeping the bites away.  All this means your bottle of 2B only has 4 ingredients now, what could be simpler??!

2B offers the same awesome protection against all biting insects – and many ankles are happy to testify that ‘it really works!’

New look 2B will be launched on 1 July across the Godzone……

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