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"Whilst I was in New Zealand I tried so many different insect repellents, but none of them worked until I found 2B. I was over the moon as I do a lot of mountaineering, am always in the bush and was constantly getting bitten, but not now. Your 2B has been life changing."
Lyn McCartney


2B has been tried and tested in some of New Zealand’s most bug-infested spots, as well as around the world.


A thorough application of 2B in the morning can last most of the day, expect up to 8 hours. This makes it one of the world’s longest-lasting natural repellents.


There really is no need to use those old chemical repellents now that Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus has been proven to give the same performance as the most effective chemical repellents, even those containing DEET!


With 2B you’ll end up smelling a little like lemon cake, delicious to people but not to bugs!


Many repellents are water or alcohol based and wash off easily when perspiring or taking a swim. 2B is oil based and is completely absorbed into the skin making it water resistant.


Unlike many repellents that sit on the skin’s surface, 2B is absorbed completely, allowing the skin to breathe and ensuring you don’t overheat in humid conditions or when perspiring. It also means that the skin is left nicely moisturized but without the greasy feeling associated with so many repellents. In fact, 5 minutes after you’ve applied it, you’d scarcely know you were wearing any.

Sandfly vs Mosquito

Sandflies and Mossies

In certain places, at certain times, the bugs can be a real trial here in New Zealand! But the right clothes, and a bottle of 2B really are all you need 99.9% of the time. 2B has been to the heart of Fiordland and taken on New Zealand’s worst.