Changing a Winning Formula

Here at 2B we’ve been making and selling our natural insect repellent for more than six years now. Over that time, we’ve sold thousands of bottles that have proven our recipe really works in some of the harshest conditions in NZ and across the rest of the World. Once people have used 2B Insect Repellent once, we know they will buy again confident in the knowledge that they are making a great choice for their own safety and their family’s.

In our opinion, 2B is the best completely natural insect repellent you can buy. 2B offers both long lasting protection and water resistance, and is also something you can enjoy having on your skin, rather than only tolerate.

So if 2B Insect Repellent is really that good, why this year have we decided to tweak with our formula?

The answer comes from many hours at our market stall, where we’ve seen hundreds of people that have already been badly bitten. These unfortunates have been either caught without a repellent to hand, or have been using repellents that can’t really cut it. These guys are desperate for a repellent that really works, and something that will soothe their existing bites.

After plenty of research and a bit of experimenting we found the answer to this double-demand in Kawakawa oil. Endemic to New Zealand, Kawakawa* is readily found in the native bush and has long been valued for its healing properties.

Kawakawa leaves have traditionally been used topically on bruises, rheumatism, dry skin, irritated skin, minor cuts and infections, tooth ache, digestive disorders and as a natural insect repellent. The oils in Kawakawa leaves have been shown to have anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial & antiseptic properties.

The addition of Kawakawa oil to the 2B recipe now makes it soothing on those pre-existing bites, and helps to reduce both the inflammation and the chances of secondary infection.  And for the unbitten, Kawakawa oil will soothe and protect your skin.

We are really happy to add Kawakawa Oil to the 2B recipe – this is one of those rare times when changing a winning formula makes perfect sense.

*(piper excelsum)

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