Top Five Things to take to the Beach in NZ

A Hat , a Shirt & a Warm Top – that’s three things we know, but in New Zealand you’ll want them all on the same day. To avoid skin damage in the middle of the day be ready to don a lightweight shirt and a sunhat for at least a few hours. Don’t get caught out and don’t rely on sunscreen alone. Even during Summer, beaches can be windswept and a breeze often gets up at the same time each day, so take a hoody to the beach and you’ll be surprised how often you need it.

Sunglasses – the sun reflecting off the water can have quite a glare so protect your eyes from sun damage with a cool pair of sunglasses.  You’ll see New Zealanders in their ‘sunnies’ all year round.

Suncreen – of course, but use a high factor and take a lip sunscreen too. The New Zealand sun is really strong, especially from October- April 10am-4pm. Use water-resistant sun-cream if you are planning on taking a dip.

Insect Repellent – you never know where those bugs will be hiding out.  Some of the most beautiful swimming holes, beaches and lakes are also home to sandflies and mosquitoes. DEET repellents are effective but can mess with your sunscreen and aren’t suitable for everyone. DEET can damage plastics like sunglasses, shoes and cameras so choose a long-lasting water-resistant repellent like 2B Natural Insect Repellent.

Common Sense – many of our beaches are pretty safe for swimmers but there are places with fierce currents and huge tidal flows.  Most places don’t have lifeguards and every year people get into trouble in the water, so read the signs and take the advice given – if you are unsure don’t do it.  The beach is no place for pool inflatables either – these are not designed to cope with sea currents and winds so no kids in giant flamingos please. 

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